About registrations

Request your Authorization Code

Simply drop a quick email to the Site Administrator requesting it. Be sure to include
  • Owner name(s),
  • Current residence address,
  • Phone number(s) and
  • Lot #
to validate that you are a current owner in good standing.

Site Administrator:

Note: Your Authorization Code is only needed to register.

Future owners with a ratified purchase contract

Future owners can request information about registration from the POA Board. See below.

Future owners with a ratified sales contract on a resale lot or home

If you are purchasing a resale lot or home from a current owner, you should receive a letter from the POA  after you close on the purchase. The POA receives notice from the settlement company transferring POA membership to you. This process can potentially take from 30 to 60 days. To expedite the process, new homeowners should contact the POA Board directly providing the necessary information and documentation about your purchase.

Contacting the POA Board

POA Board: